Non-Motorised User Audit (NMU)

A Non-Motorised User (NMU) Audit is carried out as part of a highway improvement design to consider the specific needs of road users who are walking, cycling or on horseback.   


NMU audits focus on the provision for all pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians. They also give particular consideration to the needs of disabled people.

Government policies encourage sustainability and access for all, for example inclusive mobility.

The NMU Audit incorporates these principles into the design process together with other design considerations.

NMU Audit process

The procedure is more involved than carrying out Mobility Audits, as the full DMRB Standard HD 42/05 has to be followed.

The first stage is the NMU Context Report, which should be carried out by the Design Team. The Context Report sets out opportunities and objectives to improve conditions for NMUs.

We at TMS could carry out subsequent NMU reports at preliminary, detailed and post-construction stages to assess whether the objectives set out in the Context Report have been met and suggest improvements where necessary.  Please note, the NMU audit cannot be carried out by the same team carrying out any Road Safety Audits on the scheme, as the teams must be separate and exclusive.  

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