Transport Assessments and Transport Statements 

Where a new development is likely to have significant transport implications, a Transport Assessment (TA) needs to be prepared and submitted with a planning application for the development.

It will then be used to determine whether the impact of the development on transport is acceptable.

Transport Assessments are produced on behalf of Developers and are used by decision makers in the planning process.

Our experience

TMS has been producing and checking Transport Assessments for more than 15 years. The scale of the developments has varied from changes of use to major developments for:

  • New and expanding retail, leisure and health facilities
  • Urban redevelopments
  • Industrial, commercial and residential developments

TMS is able to prepare Transport Assessments (or Transport Statements) for Developers. Typically the process involves discussions with Local Authority staff and the preparation of an initial Scoping Study to establish exactly what will be required in the Transport Assessment. Following this preliminary work, the TA itself will be prepared.

In addition to this, TMS is also able to prepare Travel Plans for new and existing businesses to accompany a Transport Assessment.

We can also help Local Authorities by independently checking any Transport Assessments they receive from Developers. Previously TMS has worked extensively with Warwickshire and Northamptonshire County Councils to check their Transport Assessments.

Traffic Forecasting

TMS can also provide traffic forecasts for proposed developments using the latest version of TRICS software. This software enables forecasts to be made of the number vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists generated by a new development. This information can be used to complete Transport Assessments.

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