Designing for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Equestrians



A one day course designed to provide up to date information on a range of subjects related to designing schemes for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians, including those with blindness, visual impairment or mobility constraints. 

Reference is made to the new Requirement and Advice Document HD 42/17, Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review, published in May 2017 and which supersedes HD 42/05, Non-Motorised User Audit and the subsequent Interim Advice Note 143/11, Supplementary Advice and Requirements for the Provision for Non-Motorised Users and Accessibility. HD 42/17 is applicable to the whole of the motorway and all-purpose trunk road network in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Although the course is not specifically and exclusively concerned with HD 42/17, attendance on the course should assist those wishing to demonstrate their competencies as required by Table 3/2 - Lead Assessor Competencies. More generally the course is aimed at Engineers and Technicians who will be designing schemes specifically for vulnerable road users. 

The course consists of informal short lectures with opportunities for delegates to participate through workshops and discussions. 

Aims and Objectives:

  • To introduce delegates to the new Requirement and Advice Document HD 42/17, Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review

  • To examine the needs of the vulnerable road users and the facilities and environments required to assist them in travelling safely on the road network

Topics Covered:

  • HD 47/17 Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding - Assessment and Review        
  • Issues for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Equestrians 
  • Disability Legislation 
  • Designing for people with disabilities / impairments 
  • Designing for pedestrians 
  • Designing for cyclists 
  • Designing for equestrians 
  • Shared Space 
  • TSRGD 2016 Update

Dates of Next Courses:

31st October 2017
Course Venue: Village Hotel, Coventry

Course Fees:

£295 excluding VAT (VAT will be charged at the current UK Rate) 

Booking a place:

To book a place on this course please either download a pdf booking form or make an online booking by using the link below.

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