Road Safety & Traffic Management Training - Ireland

For information relating to Road Safety courses currently being held in Ireland please use the links below: 

Introduction to Junction Design - Ireland

Attending this two day course will provide engineers entering the field of highway design with an understanding of the principles behind designing the most common forms of junction control used on public roads.  It is also aimed at those who are involved in development regulation in order to assist them in assessing the adequacy of proposed junction types and layouts.

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Introduction to Road Safety Audit - Ireland

This is a 3-day course designed to give a comprehensive introduction to Road Safety Auditing. Delegates will undertake a number of road safety audits in small groups and receive feedback on the issues raised. After attending, delegates should be able to undertake Road Safety Audits more objectively and confidently.

The course is aimed at those professionals who are expected to carry out audits as Team Members, those who commission audits, at designers whose work is audited and at those who manage the Safety Audit process.

The course is recognised by Transport Infrastructure IRELAND as part of the qualification for undertaking Road Safety Audits as a Team Member in Ireland

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Professional Certificate in Road Safety Audit - Ireland

TMS has been awarded a contract to run the Road Safety Engineering Ireland course, in partnership with University College Dublin, and approved by Transport Infrastructure IRELAND. 

The Professional Certificate in Road Safety Audit takes place at UCD campus and comprises of a series of five two day modules. 

The training fulfils the requirements set out in the European Commission Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management. This Directive requires that Safety Auditors undertake initial road safety engineering training, leading to the award of a Certificate of Competence. The course therefore not only comprises of training (as before) but also examinations and assessed project work.

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Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to date

It is essential that Road Safety Auditors keep up to date with current topical issues within their field. This course is aimed at experienced Road Safety Auditors who are seeking to comply with the European Directive’s requirement for further periodic training in Road Safety. The course provides two days continuing professional development across a range of collision investigation, road safety engineering, and safety audit topics.

Please note that the course scheduled for the 16th - 17th May 2017 has now been cancelled and re-scheduled for the 7th - 8th November 2017, details are via the link below:

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