Introduction to Highway Design and Maintenance


A 2-day course providing an introduction to highway design and maintenance procedures and design issues for staff seeking to understand the principles of this area of work.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To help professionals understand the design concepts and procedures for new roads and road improvements
  • To help professionals understand the techniques and procedures for maintaining roads with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness with current budget restrictions
  • To clarify some of the legal issues and help to reduce potential liabilities (particularly in the area of maintenance)

Topics Covered:

Highway Design

  • Legal issues - powers and duties
  • Design standards
  • Design Speed
  • Design flows and capacity
  • Road width, horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Junctions
  • Minor improvements
  • Major improvements


  • How the highways drains
  • Gully spacing and positioning

Highway Maintenance

  • Legal issues - powers and duties
  • Maintenance standards and Codes of Practice
  • Inspection and assessment procedures
  • Surfacing materials
    Thin surfacings e.g. SMA
    Surface Dressing
  • Common road surface problems 
    Skidding resistance
    Pot holes
  • Allocating resources and funding
  • Footways

Please note this course does not involve AutoCad Design tuition or similar


Delegates completing this course will receive a CPD certificate of attendance, recognised by both the IHE and CIHT.  

Date of Next Course:

If you are interested in attending this course please contact us to register your interest.

Course Fees:

£495 excluding VAT (VAT will be charged at the current UK Rate)

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