Aerial view of a multistorey hospital building and its car park which are located next to a lake.

Workplace Transport Risk Assessment

We are a highways-based road safety consultancy and so are able to apply our knowledge of road safety engineering, collision analysis and highway design to assess layouts within private premises for Manufacturing Facilities, Industrial Spaces, Commercial Depots and Hospitals. Health and Safety legislation imposes a general duty on employers to do whatever is ‘reasonably practicable’ to control work-related risks to their employees and other people who could be affected by their business activities. A poor safety record can result in disruption to the efficient running of an organisation, a loss of reputation, poor staff morale and an increase in costs. An employer has a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees working on the site, and that duty of care also extends to other visitors to the site, including contractors and delivery drivers.

Within workplace transport safety, there can sometimes be a crossover in terms of what is required to be carried out from a health and safety perspective. TMS are a highways-based road safety consultancy and so are able to apply our knowledge of road safety engineering, collision analysis and highway design to assess layouts within private premises.

The term ‘Workplace Transport Risk Assessment’ can often have multiple connotations.  In the context of our specialism, the work we carry out at TMS is more Private Road Assessment focused.

An aerial view of a complex road system with a bridge, next to a dock.
Aerial view of a football stadium and the roads around it, including a roundabout and dual carriageway.

As part of the independent assessment, we would aim to identify any conflict areas outside of buildings between manoeuvring vehicles and pedestrians. Where potential conflict points are identified, we would make proportionate recommendations to improve layouts, such as segregation between vehicles and pedestrians, delineation of walkways and improvements to crossing points.

If your organisation requires a review of more complex operational tasks within your premises, particularly with the internal aspects of the buildings (such as manual handling, vehicle detection and warning systems, pallet and fork-lift truck operations) we would advise appointing a Health and Safety Specialist recognised by the HSE.

Our involvement with Workplace Transport Safety would purely be from a highways and road safety perspective.


Shop front of a costa coffee store in a retail park, that has a drive through.

How can we help?

TMS can provide the following as part of Workplace Transport Safety, with reference to the Health and Safety Executive guidance document HSG136 “A guide to workplace transport safety (3rd edition) Published 2014.” As an example, we are able to assess traffic and pedestrian routes within a workplace to determine whether circulation routes are suitable, speed control is required, visibility is adequate for drivers and pedestrians and whether segregation and specific crossings are required along pedestrian routes.

Safe Site – Design:

  • Traffic routes
  • Reasonable adjustments for disabled people
  • One-way systems
  • Large vehicles
  • Segregation of pedestrians
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Members of the public
  • Visibility
  • Speed
  • Speed humps and cushions
  • Speed limits
  • Signs, signals and markings
  • Lighting
Several lorries delivering to the back of a large store.

Our experience

Over the past 10 years, TMS has carried out Workplace Transport Risk Assessments on a wide variety of different transport, manufacturing, commercial and industrial sites across the UK, where site managers have asked for an independent assessment of the safe operation of their site in the context of the existing layout. This forms a fundamental part of their commitment to ensuring the health and safety of their employees, contractors and other visitors to their premises.
A group of people wearing high vis outfits stood next to large excavators, on the site of a quarry.

Examples of previous work carried out:

  • Westbridge Depot, Northampton
  • Alstom, Derby (formerly Bombardier)
  • Karro Food Group (Meat processor with pork processing plants)
  • Royal Bolton Hospital
  • Various University Campus and College sites
  • Lhoist UK Ltd (Buxton and Worksop)
  • LaFarge Cement Works
  • Manor Vinegar, Burntwood
  • Birmingham Wholesale Market
  • Bus Stations
  • Tanker Terminals
  • QinetiQ – Essex, Outer Hebrides and St Kilda
  • HM Customs and Excise – Port of Dover

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