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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality On TMS Training Courses

At TMS, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Immersive Community Education Hub (ICE Hub). This collaboration allows us to integrate immersive experiences into our training courses using virtual reality headsets. These Virtual Reality headsets will help delegates understand the perspectives and challenges of different road users. We’re committed to researching and implementing the best practices to enhance the learning experience for our delegates.

We will use these headsets on our Keeping Up to Date and Road Safety Engineering – Assured by RoSPA (10 Days) courses. Additionally, these headsets will be utilised in select other training courses. If you want to incorporate these headsets into one of our in-house courses, please discuss your requirements with our training course manager. We understand that some individuals may prefer alternative methods, so we offer other options, including the ability to watch a live preview of what other delegates are experiencing.

Our VR workshop, designed to maximise the use of these headsets, spans approximately 45-60 minutes and includes a variety of VR videos from the perspectives of different road users.

For further inquiries or to discuss in more detail, please get in touch with us.

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