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TMS’ approach to its Road Safety Audit work is based on extensive safety engineering knowledge and experience.  Over the past 34 years, TMS has developed an extensive client profile with numerous local highway authorities, house builders, consultants and commercial organisations on a diverse range of schemes on the local highway, trunk road and motorway networks throughout the UK. During this time, TMS has developed excellent working relationships with hundreds of organisations, with over 1,000 road safety audit clients to date.

At TMS, we audit a vast range of highway schemes including simple priority junctions and vehicle crossovers through to major link roads, signalised junctions and large residential developments. Some examples of the type of work we carry out are as follows:

New Roads

Motorways, dual carriageways, single carriageways, link roads and development spine/distributor roads.

New Developments

Commercial and residential developments, including Section 278, Section 38 and Section 111 schemes.

Junctions (Grade Separated)

Multilevel grade separated junctions, involving flyovers, underpasses, interchange links, slip-roads, loop roads and compact grade separated layouts.

Junctions (At-grade)

Roundabouts (including signalised roundabouts), traffic signals, major/minor priority junctions (including ghost islands), mini-roundabouts, commercial and private accesses.


New road tunnel schemes (single and twin bore) including review of safety critical operational systems (such as emergency escape and refuge areas), overbridges and underbridges across mainline carriageways.

Rapid Transit Schemes

New light rail tram routes, tram stops and signalling, bus rapid transport and bus priority measures, elevated metro schemes and metro interchanges.

Pedestrian and Cycle Schemes

New cycle routes (on and off-carriageway), footway and footpath provisions, toucan crossings, pelican crossings, puffin crossings, pegasus crossings and uncontrolled crossings.

Traffic Management and Traffic Calming Schemes

One-way schemes, gyratories, reversion to two-way flow, signing and road markings, all forms of traffic calming schemes (including road humps, speed tables, road narrowings and gateways).

Public Realm and Urban Enhancement Schemes

Shared space and shared surface schemes, street furniture improvements and re-paving schemes.

Bloor Homes
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Having worked with various safety audit teams, we’ve appointed TMS to partner with Bloor Homes South Midlands on all Section 278 and 38 Agreements requiring Stage 3 and Stage 4 Road Safety Audits.

Bloor Homes South Midlands have benefitted from TMS’ strong reputation amongst Local Authorities, widespread coverage and prompt returns.

Adam Brown – Road and Estates Adoptions Manager,
Bloor Homes South Midlands

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JPP Consulting
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Thank you for all of your assistance this year with your input into the various schemes we have going here at JPP. The service TMS provides to us is top class and it is because of this that you are my go-to Safety Audit team whenever a new job comes in.

Harry Smith – JPP Consulting (Northampton)

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ADL Traffic & Highways Engineering Ltd
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ADL have used TMS for several years now to carry out Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 Road Safety Audits. They are extremely accommodating which is one of many reasons we have and will continue to use TMS. Due to demands / approvals required for highway works, we have needed safety audits to be turned around within tight timescales which TMS has provided many times, along with amended audits due to design changes and offering safety advice. Their communication from firstly suppling a quote to advising of site visit dates and finally passing on the reports is excellent, which matches the quality of the reports in how they are set out.

Mike Tucker – ADL Traffic & Highways Engineering Ltd

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RPS Consulting
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We have employed the services of TMS on a regular basis over the last few years and due to the excellent service we are happy to keep TMS as our preferred supplier of RSA’s.

Emilia Boron – RPS Group

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The Transportation Consultancy
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The Transportation Consultancy ‘ttc’ has a long-standing relationship with TMS and undertake all our Road Safety Audits. The level of service and timescales of delivery are exceptional with clear communication and RSA reports that are well received by us and our clients.

Adrian Simms – TTC

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Vistry Group
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TMS has carried out road safety audits for several of our schemes in the south west and the company provides an excellent service. We’ve been impressed with the high level of support and the continued guidance throughout the audit process, which has ensured the final delivery of works is completed smoothly. There are never any delays and communication is regular and clear. We would definitely recommend TMS’ services.

Rosen Petrov – Vistry Homes (South West Region)

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Richter Associates
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TMS have been exceptionally responsive and adaptable during the entire process which went through several design iterations. They were highly professional and regularly achieved or beat the estimated timescales for the work.

Joel Woodyear – Richter Associates

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