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Reza Ahadi

Road Safety Trainer – PhD (London), MSc, BSc, FIHT, FCIHT

Reza joined TMS in May 2023 as a Highway Inspector and Road Safety Trainer. His primary role entails the delivery of diverse training programs, including the LANTRA accredited Highway Inspectors’ Course, as well as courses in road safety engineering, highway design, and highway development management. In addition to his training responsibilities, Reza actively participates in conducting road safety audits, ensuring compliance with GG119 requirements. 
With over 25 years of experience as a Road Safety Researcher specializing in highways, transportation, road safety, and traffic engineering, Reza brings extensive expertise to his role. Prior to joining TMS, he served as the Head of the Department of Road Safety at the Transportation Research Institute in Iran. 
Reza has successfully led several national research projects in Iran aimed at enhancing road safety, resulting in a significant reduction of road fatalities. These projects encompass various initiatives, such as the Master Plan of Road Safety, Research and Development of Road Safety Audit Guidelines, Roadside Barriers, and Action Plan of Road Safety based on the 5 pillars of GRSF, among others. 
 Furthermore, Reza has an impressive academic background, having taught at multiple universities in Iran and served as an invited lecturer at the Amir Kabir University, Semnan University and Police University. His areas of research expertise include Road Safety Audit, Geometric Design, Traffic Engineering, Road Safety Engineering, Roadside Safety, and Temporary Traffic Management. 
He is a prolific author with 23 books on road safety and traffic engineering/management to his name. Reza’s work also includes over 180 published papers in reputable journals and conferences, covering a wide range of road safety topics. Additionally, he has supervised over 90 MSc thesis and mentored 5 PhD graduates. 
Reza’s expertise extends to the rigorous review of scholarly articles, as evidenced by his role as a reviewer for esteemed journals such as the Journal of Transportation Engineering, Journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention, and the International Journal of Transportation. He also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of ROADS in Iran and the Journal of Scientific Quarterly of Rahvar in Iran. 
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