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Tara Jowett

Associate - FIHE, MCIHT, MSoRSA, NH RSA Cert Comp

Tara joined TMS in March 2020 as an Associate. Her primary role is to deliver a variety of training courses including the LANTRA accredited Award Highway Sector Scheme 12D T7 training course in temporary traffic management, the IHE Highways Inspector Board approved 4-day modular training course and 2-day refresher training course for local authority highway inspectors. Tara is involved in the development and delivery of a range of road safety engineering, highway design and highway development management courses including the RoSPA 10-day Road Safety Engineering, Collision Investigation and Prevention course, Introduction to Road Safety Auditing, Road Safety Auditing Keeping up to date, Introduction to Priority Junction Design and Development Accesses, Introduction to Highway Development Management, Transport Assessments and Transport Statements and Traffic Regulation Orders. 
Tara also supports the Audit team and has completed 109 Road Safety Audits to date. In 2022 Tara completed the National Highways certificate of competency in Road Safety Audit which meets the requirements of GG119 and joined SoRSA as a member. 
Tara has over 25 years’ experience as a design engineer and engineering team leader specialising in highways, transportation, road safety and traffic engineering. Tara worked for Essex County Council/Essex Highways for sixteen years on a wide range of projects including major infrastructure schemes, public realm improvements, collision reduction schemes, route studies, traffic management improvements, walking and cycling schemes, Zebra, PUFFIN and TOUCAN crossings. 
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