Binley Cycleway, Coventry

Coventry City Council have created a new segregated cycleway along Binley Road, between the Gulson Road and Clifford Bridge Road/ Brinklow Road junctions. A further section exists on Clifford Bridge Road between the Dorchester Way junction and the University Hospital in Walsgrave. Between these sections, there is a “missing link” which will be provided in the future.

TMS Consultancy, whose offices are based in Binley Business Park, are close to the cycleway and therefore provided an ideal opportunity for TMS Engineers to try out the new cycleway. Some highlights of the route are described below:

  1. Two-way cycleway is separated from traffic using kerbed segregation. The surface is high quality asphalt, which is coloured at some junctions and accesses to highlight it to road users.
A person riding a bike on a cycle way.
Copenhagen style crossings

2. Access to private properties have been created using “Copenhagen” style crossings, allowing the route to be continuous without interruption.

3. Cyclists have their own specific traffic signals at controlled junctions and crossings. In most cases, detection equipment gives priority to cyclists so that they turn green as cyclists approach.

Traffic signals at controlled junctions of the cycle way
Parallel Crossing that gives priority to cyclist

4. At side road junctions, Parallel Crossings (similar to zebra crossings) have been provided, giving priority to cyclists and so improving journey times by reducing the need to stop.

5. A cycle maintenance stand and parking is available at one location to allow cyclists to pump up their tyres, tighten bolts, etc, using the multiple tools available at the stand.

IMG 1026
Floating stops and raised islands

6. The cycle route is made continuous at bus-stops by creating “Floating” stops on raised islands. The layout features crossing points across the cycle route allowing access for pedestrians.

Overall, our thoughts were that the cycleway provided a pleasant, comfortable, safe and efficient route for cyclists, particularly as it is separated from the busy road.

In our opinion, the cycleway met the core design principles for safe and efficient use by cyclists, which are set out in the Department for Transport Document “LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design.” The core principles are that cycle infrastructure should be Coherent, Direct, Safe, Comfortable and Attractive. Once fully completed, the Binley Cycleway will provide an ideal way to cycle between the city centre and the hospital.

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