Bristol Airport Transformations Proposals

Over the past couple of years, TMS has carried out numerous design stage Road Safety Audits on Bristol Airport’s proposed transformational public transport hub and new multi-storey car-park. The £60m project will enable the airport to increase its capacity to 12 million passengers a year (an increased capacity of two million).

Bristol Airport Improvements 3D model representation


The scheme involves creating an enlarged coach and bus interchange, together with a dedicated drop-off and pick-up location, on the top level of the new 2,000 space car-park. Pedestrian access will also be improved by providing a glazed bridge link to the airport from the car-park.

TMS has carried out Road Safety Audits on the new perimeter road, internal car-park layouts, car-park ramps and pedestrian routes. It is important that these areas can be negotiated safely by all users, especially as many people travelling to airports can be unfamiliar with the area and need clear information and guidance.

Image source: BBC News – Bristol Airport Invest £60m in transport hub and car park

Due to the increase in demand for more international travel over the last decade including the need for more flights and longer operating hours, the redevelopment of existing airport terminals forms a fundamental part of their long-term strategy for development.  Over the past ten years, TMS have also been involved in carrying out a variety of Road Safety Audits and Assessments on improvements at some of the other UK major airports including:

London Luton

Phased construction of a new link road associated with the brand-new Terminal 2 proposals, known as the Luton Rising Project. The project also involves several major junction upgrades within the towns of Luton and Hitchin. Proposed new public drop off zone at the original terminal, incorporating a reconfigured road layout to bus / coach station, taxi ranks and service areas.

Luton Airport Aerial View
Manchester Airport (Top) London Heathrow Terminal 2 (Bottom)

Manchester Airport

Highway works associated with the transformation of Terminal 2, including access road reconfiguration and development of new car-park accesses.

London Heathrow Terminal 2

Major reconstruction of terminal with multi-storey car-park, transport interchange and reconfiguration of central roads within the airport.


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