Road Safety Audits on the Strategic Road Network (SRN)

During 2020, TMS has carried out numerous Road Safety Audits on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). TMS Engineers have a vast experience of auditing major road schemes across the UK and at various stages.

Birmingham road interchange, spaghetti junction.

Here is a quick summary of some of the audits we have carried out over the past year:

  • Preliminary Design Stage 1; A417 Missing Link, Gloucestershire. 5.8 km of new dual carriageway and grade separated junction, with new link roads and local road realignments
  • Preliminary Design Stage 1; A27 Lancing Improvement Scheme. Addition of fourth arm onto a new development roundabout
  • Preliminary Design Stage 1; A40 Penblewin to Redstone Cross Improvements, Wales. New relief road (2+1) with ghost island right turn lane junction and provision of NMU routes
  • Detailed Design Stage 2; A31 Ringwood Junction, Hampshire. Slip-road widening and alteration from taper merge to lain-gain onto A31 mainline
  • Detailed Design Stage 2; A27 East of Lewes NMU Route; 11.5 km of new NMU route along the A27(T) featuring footways, cycleways, and Toucan Crossings
  • Detailed Design Stage 2; M6 Junction 1 MOTO MSA. New service area with creation of “hamburger” roundabout, new traffic signals and amendments to slip-roads.
  • Post-Construction Stage 3; M5 Junction 12, Quedgeley, Gloucestershire. Slip-road widening and capacity improvements.
  • Post-Construction Stage 3; A45 Whitley Works, Coventry. New grade separated junction with link roads, roundabouts, signal junctions, toucan crossings and NMU routes.
  • Post-Construction Collision Monitoring Stage 4; M8, M73, M74 Motorway Improvement Scheme, Scotland. New motorway, improvements to interchanges, new all-purpose dual carriageway, new parallel link roads, improvements to existing motorways and provision of NMU routes.
Multiple vehicles driving down a newly constructed motorway that runs under a bridge.

If you require a Road Safety Audit on the SRN or on other major road schemes, please contact Lorna Styring on 024 7669 0900 or please email. We of course carry out audits on all other roads, no matter how big or small, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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