Road Safety Audits: Review of 2019

2019 was an extremely busy year for TMS Engineers who have carried out over 730 road safety audits across the UK. So what type of schemes have been studied and which areas of the country have the team visited? Below is a quick summary:

  • New grade separated junction on A45 trunk road (Coventry and Warwickshire)
  • Proposed Motorway Service Area on M42 motorway (Solihull)
  • Proposed Motorway Service Area on M5 motorway (Somerset)
  • M42 motorway junction 9 roundabout and slip-road improvements (Birmingham)
  • M1 motorway junction 13 improvements at dumb-bell roundabout (Bedfordshire)
  • New 17.5km dual carriageway on A465 Heads of the Valley Route (South Wales)
  • New 5.8km dual carriageway along A417 with compact grade separated junctions (Gloucestershire)
  • A27 (T) pedestrian, cycle and equestrian improvements with Toucan, Puffin and Pegasus crossings (East Sussex)
  • Safe Routes to School and School Safety Zones with novel surfacing (Dorset)
  • Public Realm, Shared Space and Urban Landscape improvements (London, Staffordshire, Manchester, Devon)
  • Traffic Management and Traffic Calming Schemes (Bristol, London, West Midlands)
  • Commercial and Residential Development schemes – S38, S278, S111 Agreements with schemes ranging from roundabouts, traffic signal junctions, priority junctions, direct accesses, estate roads, pedestrian crossings and cycle routes (throughout the UK from Newcastle-upon-Tune to Devon and Isle of Man to Kent)
A motorway running through grass fields with a bridge that goes over the top of it.

If you require a road safety audit in any part of the UK and on any type of scheme, no matter how big or small (from a motorway upgrade to a single residential access), please contact Lorna Styring or call the office on 024 7669 0900.

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