Road Safety Inspection Training for Transport Malta

In light of the recent revision to the EU Directive 2008/96/EC which now has more of an emphasis on vulnerable road users, TMS revisited Transport Malta in Lija in May 2019 to carry out some further training.

Back in July 2018, Nick Newton and Steve Proctor carried out two weeks worth of Road Safety Engineering/Road Safety Audit training for Transport Malta.

The training delivered was to give some additional tuition to those who will be undertaking Road Safety Inspections on Malta Road Network. The training proved useful as Malta prepare for carrying out their first Road Safety Inspections.  In addition, Malta are also in the process of developing their own cycle guidelines in terms of design.

Nick Newton was impressed with their enthusiasm towards Road Safety and worked with them to go through some of the challenges they face going forward. TMS have developed a good working relationship with Transport Malta and it is anticipated that TMS will assist training on road safety issues in the future.

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