Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SuDS)

TMS have recently been involved in auditing various Sustainable Drainage improvement schemes (SuDS).  Alongside being commissioned to audit this type of scheme by our clients, our auditors also come across many interesting and diverse Sustainable Drainage improvement schemes on their travels, especially within new residential developments.

swale drainage near playground, new houses, SuDS

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are designed to manage stormwater locally (as close to its source as possible) to mimic natural drainage and encourage its infiltration, attenuation and passive treatment.  SuDS are used to reduce the impact of rainfall on new developments, by using soakaways, grassed areas, permeable surfaces and wetlands.


Neal and Hammy came across an interesting Sustainable Drainage Scheme (SuDS) in Tiddington, Warwickshire whilst carrying a Stage 3 Road Safety Audit. With swales bordering a child play area, the surrounding carriageway was made with permeable blockwork to allow drainage into the swales.

The swales, which are designed to trap the surface water run off allowing it to soak into the ground, are not too deep and therefore are safe for the children playing in the vicinity.  The audit team commented “it was quite a pleasant looking scheme with a novel approach to the drainage within the estate”.

swale drainage near playground, new houses, SuDS
Whitstable SuDS

Neal and Lee also carried out a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit on a Sustainable Drainage scheme in Whitstable, Kent.  The scheme consisted of amendments to the carriageway drainage, with direct connection into new conveyance swales within the park, recreation ground and landscaping works.  The outlook and purpose of the scheme was very similar (as can be seen from the artist’s impression of the final product).

If you have a scheme of this nature that requires a Road Safety Audit, then please call us on +44 (0)24 7669 0900 or alternatively please email Lorna Styring.

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