TMS bake off winners, Rich Cook, Lorna Styring and Lola (Age 12)

TMS raise over £500 for Children in Need

TMS took part in the SPOTacular day as we hosted our first ever Children In Need event! We had a fun filled day full of spotty people as we embraced the BBC Children in Need fundraiser. There was a host of activities for people around the Business Innovation Centre (BIC), from a raffle with different prizes, guess the chocolate in the jar and of course the TMS yearly bake sale!

This year we had strong contenders for our bake-off style competition ranging from tiffin’s to vegan chocolate cakes and there was even a prize for the best one! This year we opened the competition for everyone around the BIC to give Lorna, the reigning champion, more competitors! Lyndsey from TalentTech was tasked with a difficult job to taste all the cakes and decide a winner…the results are as follows…

Pudsey bear plushie and pastry forks
TMS bake off winners, Rich Cook, Lorna Styring and Lola (Age 12)

3rd Place – Richard Cook (TMS) who won a Pudsey Pin badge

2nd Place – Lola Age 12 (TalentTech) who won a Pudsey Bear plushie

1st Place – Lorna Styring (TMS) who won pastry forks


Lorna once again continues to defend her title…will she ever be stopped?

We’ll find out next year!

Other winners from the raffle and the guess the chocolate in the jar were:


Bottle of Prosecco – Steve Barnard (TMS)

Sparkling Roose – Lorna Styring (TMS)

Guiness – Hammy Aulak (TMS)

Baileys – Lyndsey Hulm (TalentTech)

Guess the Chocolate Balls in the Jar:

145 – Steve Barnard (TMS)

An assortment of prizes e.g. wine bottles, pastry forks and a pudsey plushie
Lindsey judging cakes

With the efforts of TMS and other business around the BIC such as TalentTech, Geeka Media, Reeds (Coventry) and many others,we managed to raise a total of £285.28 from cash donations and through the Just Giving page campaign. This will be matched by TMS to bring the total to £570.56. This money will be used to help disadvantaged children and young people around the UK.

BBC Children in Need charity raised £33.5million nationwide!

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