Upturn in project work at TMS

TMS has recently had an upturn in project work with the Technical Team involved in various road safety engineering schemes.

The following are examples of the type of work carried out over the past few months:

  • University of Warwick Campus – Assessment of vehicle, pedestrian and cycle routes along shared surface streets around the campus and within new car parks
  • West Sussex Operational Hub – Assessing the road safety implications of pedestrian and cycle provision for a new waste and recycling facility using risk assessment matrix methodology
  • Navigator Terminals, Thames, Grays, Essex – Review and assessment of pedestrian and cycle routes from main entrance at workplace to the public highway, taking into account the diverse nationalities of personnel working on ships and travelling to local commercial facilities
  • Manchester Airport Transformation Programme – Safety Assessment of internal airport infrastructure including road realignments and improvements to a roundabout
  • Manor Kingsway, A38/A511 Island, Derby – Assessing the road safety impact of development traffic on a busy roundabout on the strategic road network
  • Safety Assessment of School Access and Drop-off facility, Nuneaton – Determining the operational risks of new highway arrangements outside a school, taking into pedestrian and vehicle movements at school peak time
  • Review of Traffic Calming for a residential development in Gloucester – Assessment of the effectiveness of traffic measures for a large residential development on outskirts of Gloucester

TMS has extensive experience in providing specialist consultancy and research services in traffic management and road safety engineering to a wide client base in both the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas. If you require our services in this field, please contact Lorna Styring on 024 7669 0900 or email us.

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