Upturn in Road Safety Audits for new supermarket developments

For many years TMS have been regularly involved in auditing supermarket retail development schemes for the likes of Aldi and Lidl stores, at all stages of the Road Safety Audit process.  These schemes are often commissioned via our clients, who have long-standing relationships with the supermarket chains.

Typically, this type of retail scheme requires improvements and changes to the public highway to allow for such developments to be built, which prompts the requirement for a Road Safety Audit.  For projects of this nature, our auditors would typically review the proposed design to allow for:

  • accommodating new priority junctions / access points / ghost island right turn lanes
  • new roundabout access arms
  • a variety of new, proposed crossings including Toucan and Puffin
  • relocation of existing controlled pedestrian crossings
  • improvements to vehicle and pedestrian accesses
  • improvements to footways / cycleways including dedicated pedestrian walkways.
  • internal improvements to the car park layout

We have recently seen yet another increase in the number of road safety audits carried out on schemes for both Aldi and Lidl supermarkets.  Aldi has become the fourth biggest supermarket in the UK, whilst also seeing huge growth for Lidl in recent years.  Their growth and presence within the grocery industry has had a positive impact on both the number of  supermarkets being built, subsequently increasing the need for a Road Safety Audit.

Road Safety Audit of Aldi Store Development
Lidl Store Development

Our auditors have visited every corner of the country, auditing these schemes in their early design phase through to post construction, when the supermarkets are fully operational and open to the public.  Our audit teams have carried out Stage 3 Post Construction Road Safety Audits at locations such as Downham Market, Essex, Great Yarmouth, Horncastle, Birmingham, Houghton Regis, Marlow, Rugeley, Lutterworth and Hinckley, to name but a few.

From a road safety audit point of view, it is great to see our clients incorporating the findings from our reports into their design, which in turn allows them to construct a safe, all-encompassing environment for their customers, visitors and deliveries.

If you have a scheme that requires a Road Safety Audit for an Aldi or Lidl store or any other retail development, then please call us on +44 (0)24 7669 0900 or alternatively please email Lorna Styring.

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