Upturn in Scottish Road Safety Inspectors' Training

In conjunction with our highly successful Highway Inspectors’ training, there has been a noticeable upturn in demand for our Road Safety Inspectors’ training for local road authorities in Scotland.

This training is ideal for both existing and prospective Road Safety Inspectors and complies with all current legislation in Scotland.

Road maintenance is a hot issue for local road authorities, which are increasingly faced with the difficulty of balancing limited budgets against the long-term consequences of lower levels of maintenance, one of which is an increase in the number of civil claims against the authority for compensation for injuries and damage resulting from road defects.

The four-day course follows an IHE-approved syllabus and is delivered in seven distinct taught modules, each concluded by a short, written assessment. In addition, delegates’ ability to identify, evaluate and report highway defects will be assessed in a practical scenario.  The course fully complies with the requirements of the IHE Inspectors Board for highway inspectors’ training.

TMS has carried out in-house Road Safety Inspectors’ training in Dundee, Edinburgh, North Ayrshire, Stirling and West Lothian.  This training has been greatly received and TMS hope to roll out this training to other Scottish Road Authorities in the future.

If you would like to enquire about this training, then please contact Steve Barnard for more information.  Alternatively please call Steve on +44(0)24 7669 0900.

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